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Hi Friends,

I’m Jeremy, a Web Designer/Digital Marketer in Durham, North Carolina. I just wanted to take a few minutes to welcome you to your new blog. Why do I say your new blog? Because even though I will be the one providing the content, this blog is not for me—it’s for you, the small business owner who feels completely lost in the world of digital marketing. If WCAG makes you scream “WTAF!” I’m here to help. If SEO makes you go “SE OH No,” I’m here to help. If Woo makes you go “Whew!” I’ve got your back.

My goal for this blog is to help business owners like you understand what’s going on with their online business and how to better understand their website, SEO, and digital marketing, etc. I will be writing and posting articles here with the goal of helping your business grow its online presence. I will be sharing what we are doing here at Bull City Web Design and point out what’s working for us…and what’s not working for us, so you can learn firsthand what to do. It’s like a Disney Genie+ pass for online success, except WAY cheaper (Free)!

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I intend for this blog to be an open book and promise not to hold anything back. I will share wins and losses, and I promise here that I will openly and honestly answer any questions as fully and transparently as possible. If you have a digital marketing or website question that you would like answered, feel free to reach out to me here. Some of the upcoming topics I plan to cover are:

  • Web design Trends
  • SEO Strategies and Tactics
  • Website Accessibility Guidelines
  • PPC or Pay-Per-Click Ad Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing Ideas
  • Conversion Copywriting Techniques
  • E-Commerce Insights

…And much more.

If you want these tips sent to your email inbox, sign up for our Bull City Bulletin. It’s a monthly newsletter packed with all the tips consolidated in one convenient place. Just an FYI, we hate spam too, so we promise never to sell your account information to a third party.

In addition to the newsletter, we will frequently update the blog with actionable advice, how-to guides, and in-depth analyses aimed specifically at helping small business owners. We’re committed to making this space interactive, so your feedback and questions will shape the content we create. Let’s unravel the world of digital marketing together and turn your online challenges into wins! Does all this sound interesting, but you’re just too busy? We can help here too. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation, and we can talk more about our service offerings and how we can help your online business get to the next level.

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Jeremy Simpson is the owner of Bull City Web Design, a web design company located in Durham North Carolina. Jeremy has been helping people with building awesome websites since 1997. When he's not geeking out on the newest web technologies, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family, watching college football, and helping businesses learn how to kick butt on the Internet.
Jeremy Simpson

Jeremy Simpson


I’m passionate about all things web design, SEO and most of all helping you grow your business online. 

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